4 Ways to Help Your Baby’s Creativity Blossom

4 Ways to Help Your Baby’s Creativity Blossom

It’s never too early to start sparking creativity in your baby  surrounding your little one with creative experiences and encouraging curiosity can foster a more imaginative, open mind. These four ways to support your child's creativity can help set your little one up for success.

Multipurpose Playtime

Give your baby toys that can be used in many different ways. Toys that have more than one use encourage curiosity and exploration in infants. Try a tummy time mat with additional elements like play rings, a mirror, and detachable plush toys to inspire discovery of new shapes and colors at playtime.

Auditory Exploration 

Whether it’s a musical mobile over the changing table or as simple as a midday serenade, introducing music into your daily routine can make a big difference. With younger infants, you’ll notice their head turn in the direction of music playing, and as they grow, you’ll even see them react to familiar songs or sounds.

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