Lvkiss was established in 2018 as a one stop shop for tired parents, in Australia. Our goal is to provide solutions to soothe crying, place newborns, and help infants, toddlers and older children sleep at night.

We believe that the first months of parenthood should be enjoyable not stressful, and not nearly as exhausting as many parents experience. With the right information and some simple tools, you can quickly learn to calm any crying and help your baby sleep much longer. We also believe that many parents are suffering unnecessary sleep deprivation, with older babies and toddlers who are not sleeping through the night. A lot of night waking is habit rather than anything else, and with some changes the whole family can benefit from a full night sleep.

Recent research has shown that many cases of post-natal depression could be significantly improved if mum gets a full night sleep, as sleep deprivation is so closely linked to depression. So there is a very compelling reason for encouraging older babies to sleep better as soon as possible.



The sleeping bag is made of 100% organic cotton. These raw materials have passed strict screening. We ensure that the source is controlled and the most comfortable package for babies.


Considering that our sleeping bags are owned by infants, safety comes first. Therefore, we have optimized the details of the product, including the neckline to prevent suffocation, the double zipper for easy changing of diapers, etc.


Our products have double certification of GOTS and OEKOTEX-100 standards, so dear parents, please rest assured to choose our products, we will provide the best service!