Commercial Sales

Fair Pricing on Bulk Orders
At Lvkiss, we’re keen on sharing our better sleep products with as many 
babies as we can. If you’re interested in bulk, wholesale, or corporate 
orders, we offer bulk and tiered discounts on our thoughtfully curated 
sleep bag or other clothes item. 
With high quality products and exceptional customer service, it makes 
sense to stick with Lvkiss. 

Keep Pricing Simple

We want to keep pricing simple and straightforward. Bulk order discounts start with a purchase of 50 units of any SKU, and increases as the size of the purchase increases. We offer better value for our high-quality sleepingbag – and that is reflected in our fair pricing.

We Will Work with You

As a wholesale partner, we at Lvkiss are thrilled to work with you for any of your baby clothing needs. We can assist in coordinating the logistics of your order to anywhere in England. No order is too large for our commercial sale department.